A Very Pink Scarf

Pink Ribbon Scarf
This is the pink scarf I am knooking with ribbon yarn for the little 4 year old across the street. I wanted to make something girly and I have no young girls in my life right now. But the neighbor girl is adorable. I hope she loves it. I haven’t decided yet whether to knit a matching hat.

I am using a yarn from Michael’s yarn line Loops & Threads called Flaunt. On the right side of the photo, you can see the yarn is flat with  a thread that runs along the one edge. That is what you  use to pick up stitches. It is easy to use. I bought some of the same yarn in black to experiment with later.

If you are not familiar with  knooking, it is a customized crochet hook from Leisure Arts that allows you to create knitted stitches without two needles. A cord is inserted into a hole at the end of the hook. As you knook, the stitches stay on the hook. When you finish the row, you pull the stitches onto the cord and start a new row. It is great for those of us who are losing dexterity in their hands and those who have never knitted or found knitting too hard.

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