New Confidence in My Knitting

I had put several kntting classes from on my wishlist. Seeing all the beautiful knitted garments on, it just killed me that I didn’t knit well. I taught myself to knit from a book eons ago as a child but I never felt very comfortable and knitted very slowly. My tension was always too tight, so tight I couldn’t get the needle under the loop to make a stitch. I just couldn’t get the tension right and holding the yarn in my fingers was just so awkward. So no knitting. It just wasn’t my thing.

So I finally signed up for Stefanie Japel’s Knit Lab while on sale (I’m frugal). I actually had the needles and yarn in my stash for the first project. So all was a go. The first thing I learned is that I “knitted” English style by throwing the yarn. Stefanie was teaching Continental and I was determined to learn that style since English sure wasn’t working that great for me. Stefanie’s style of teaching is very encouraging and the video format of the classes allow for a 30 second repeat so you can make sure you get the movement of the needles and yarn. You can add notes to the class to mark a place you may want to go back to. If you do Craftsy classes, I recommend you get in the habit of doing this. My poor brain needs to be refreshed sometimes and now I don’t have to search for the information.

I made it through the first project and was really proud of how it came out. But I haven’t taken any pictures yet!! Oh my.

I have started the second project with is a seed stitch sampler scarf. I’m making it out of more stash yarn in a variegated blue/green. I decided to make it a travel project since driving is a major part of my life. I split the driving with my better half and together we drive at least 12 hours a week. Once I have the daily business paperwork done, I have time to knit. All is fine unless we are driving the pickup truck (my sweet little car had an accident at the auto shop and now will be gone longer 🙁 ). The truck is bumpy and roads are bumpy and that makes knitting hard! So I ran into Joann’s and bought some bamboo needles. That makes a world of difference. The bamboo needles keeps a grip on the stitches while the metal lets the stitches slide right off. So I am a new fan of bamboo needles!

4 thoughts on “New Confidence in My Knitting

  • the more you get into knitting the more fun it is. I really love my Harmony needles from Knitpicks .. they are diamondwood and super smooth. I prefer wood to metal.

  • Woo-hoo! Welcome to the dark side! Congrats on taking the steps to learn to knit in a way that (hopefully) doesn’t cause you stress. I’m looking forward to some progress pictures!

    I was hopeless at knitting, though my English-throwing friends were all oh-so-willing to teach me again and again. Once I learned Continental, the lightbulb cilcked on and the rest is history 🙂

    I’ve purchased a few Craftsy classes but haven’t actually taken the time to TAKE them.

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