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I Don’t Write the Prettiest

One thing I try to do with my writing is just tell it like you were sitting across the table from me at Applebees. Just a casual conversation without any fancy words or florishes. Unfortunately, I don’t have you participating. Ain’t that a shame? But anyway, we’re just having a talk. And having a good lunch!

What’s hard about that is the editor in my head thinks she knows so damn much from the college English classes. If I sit and try to remember anything from those classes, all I remember is writing a description of a black trash can in my Technical Writing class and one English professor reading a short story with “voices” and hilariously doing a shrill woman’s voice. That’s it but somehow it sneaks in from my subconcious and makes writing painful. Is that structured right with correct grammar? Remember diagramming sentences? I hated that. Who diagrams their sentences?

I started blogging to get over the smarty-pants editor and just get some thoughts out. I want to share my crafty stuff and what’s going on here in the trees. I got the BlogHer.com email about the March NaBloPoMo and I signed up. I tried to do it in November but sputtered out real quick. My health sucked all my energy out of me. After a change in diet, I feel so much better. And I just finished my fourth blog post. [Pat on back]

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