Family Legends and Mysteries

For Blogging101, I discovered the Reader and found lots of blogs to follow, especially genealogy and Blogging101 blogs. I was inspired to share one of my genealogy discoveries.

It wasn’t until I received my father’s death certificate that I knew my grandmother’s maiden name. I only knew she loved me as a grandmother would. I knew nothing else about her. I only saw her once a year when I was young so I never thought to ask her about her mother, father or siblings. Oh, how I wished I did.

With her maiden name, Truglio, I log into and start searching. I don’t find anything with the first name I know her by so I eliminate the first name from the search and use a date range for her birth in New York. I find an “Antoinetta” ¬†instead of “Jeanette” and find her mother and father with the 1905 New York census living in Brooklyn. And then nothing.

Trying different combinations in the search reveals my grandmother and her father living in Ossining, New York in 1910. Her father is remarried and my grandmother’s step-mother is 9 years older than her. There are more children. I continue searching for her mother to discover what happened to her. I have sent off for my grandmother’s birth certificate and her parents marriage certificate. Hopefully I will receive information that will lead me to the rest of story. UPDATE – No records were found.

Front Page News

While I searched the Truglio name, I find two newspaper articles from 1901 written about a shooting in the streets of Brooklyn in broad daylight. My great-grandfather’s brother is shot by his uncle in a jealous rage. Front page news!
Photo by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo