First Genealogy Goal Accomplished (sort of)

I made several goals for my genealogy research to help me focus my time now that I have fleshed out my mother’s side of my family. It’s kind of ironic that the family I knew as a child is riddled with holes in information and the family I never knew was fairly easy to document. So my first set of goals are:

  • Find great grandfather Raffaele Truglio’s date of death
  • Find any information about great grandmother Luisa Cerullo.
  • Where was my grandmother Antoniette Jeanette Truglio Clemente from 1915 to 1921?
  • When did my Grandparents (Luigi and Jeanette) get married? And where were they from 1915 to 1921?
  • Find Grandpa Luigi’s family in US(??) and Italy

Yesterday, I tackled the first goal. On, I searched from my great grandfather’s profile. The default search didn’t yield any information that I didn’t already have. I have seen on several branches of my family tree where names change as time goes by. Immigrant families drop letters or change letters to become more assimulated. I tried “Trulio” in the search form and received new information. Very exciting! It was several listings of residency which closed the gap on when my great grandfather disappeared on the census and his second wife’s status became widow. There were enough listings to show me he passed away in 1930 before the census worker showed up at the door.

When you put your goals on paper, I think it adds an element of satisfaction in completing that task and marking it off. Be sure to note if your finding creates more questions. Most of the time, you will wonder the cause of death. I will eventually order the death certificate if it is available.

The other piece of information I gleaned from the listings in my new search was that my great grandfather changed occupation from tailor (family profession) to chauffeur. More questions arise. Was the change because of health, loss of job, or more pay?

So set some goals, find some time, and search for your roots.Photo by vtdainfo