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My First Published Short Story

I’m Published

I entered a short story in a contest sponsored by wordhaus last month and although it didn’t win, it is published on their website. You can find it here: Fire

Writing stories under 500 words requires you to keep your writing tight. You have to get rid of anything that does add to the story. It is amazing how much of a story you can tell with so few words. But we have learned that with Twitter. We get our news in 140 characters. It fits our attention span. But it doesn’t take the place of a book which can be savored page by page.

What I’m Doing Now

Right now, I am working on a longer short story about a veteran who escaped to the woods and finds his way back out. I plan to publish it on Amazon so I’ll let you know when that happens.

Your Turn

What do you think of Fire? Let me know in the comments.Photo by Ada Be

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