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Camp Nanowrimo – July 2016

Camp Nanowrimo

I have signed up with the same band of writers for Camp Nanowrimo as last year. I don’t have a really lofty goal this year, just 5000 words. Might up that to get some flash fiction written along with my homeless veteran story. There is another story that keeps bubbling to the surface that involves my curiousity about how relationships with people in your family might change with different roles such as mother – daughter becoming sisters. One set of roles might work just fine with the two personalities but become more trying with different roles.

Writing Contest

There is another challenge I gave myself, a writing contest with the theme of “scars”. Which would be easier to write about — physical or mental scars? I might try writing several scenarios to see where it takes me. What would create a more powerful prose – first person or second person? First you decide what to write then you play with the words to find the right voice.

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