Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain and the medication (Gabapentin) I am on doesn’t help that much. When I am stressed, I don’t sleep well. The lack of sleep increases the pain and then I can’t sleep because of all the pain. I recently went two days without any sleep and still had to go to work. One day with no sleep makes me grumpy but two days make me deliriously loopy. I have no idea how I was functioning but the pain was so bad, I wanted to cry. And I don’t cry so it’s bad. In a moment of desperation, I grabbed the bottle of Nighttime Nyquil. I was determined to sleep. And I did. The next morning, my pain was much better. I did use the Nyquil the next night and slept like a baby. Now my pain is manageable.

Painsomnia – when you can’t sleep because of pain.

The lesson is dealing with my stress which starts the ball rolling down hill. I’m stating it right here, right now that I will be doing yoga three times a week. No more taking on more than I can handle. I’m using my bullet journal to keep me on task with MY priorities. Right now, that is helping my fibromyalgia, writing, and knitting.


Let me know what you think.