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Frog Up High

This story was posted earlier but when my website was hacked, the story disappeared.

There was once a frog who lived in the five acre woods by a beautiful pond with many other frogs. He was not content with his life with the other frogs wallowing in the mud and staying hidden in the tall grasses by the pond.
One day he ventured up a path where he found several ferns. He rested under the ferns where it was cooler and not muddy. At dusk, he hopped back to the pond to eat.
For many days, this was his life. He felt he had improved his life and superior to the other frogs. He told the other frogs he was a prince. They were unimpressed.
“You eat the same bugs we eat. You are still a frog,” one of the bigger frogs said.
Later, the frog no longer content with his fern home looked for something better. He found a chair under a covered patio of the house by the pond. He hopped up on the chair and enjoyed the view of the pond.
The frog thought he improved his life and told the other frogs he was the duke of frogs.
“You eat the same bugs we eat. You are still a frog,” the frogs said in chorus.
One day, he found his chair moved closer to the pond and not covered anymore. He hopped up, and the sun warmed his skin. He fell asleep.
A heron flew overhead and saw the frog sitting on the chair. The hungry heron took the frog and flew over the pond.
The frog awoke high over the pond and the other frogs. “Look at me! I am the king of frogs!”

And then the heron ate him.


Question for my readers. Would you read this story to a child? What age would you consider this appropriate?

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