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The King Slayer

“We could storm the castle. I can make swords for everyone”, booms the blacksmith while hammering iron on his forge.


“I don’t know how to use a sword and neither do most of us in town”, yells the baker as loud as he can over the noise of the blacksmith’s hammer hitting iron.


The blacksmith’s wife comes up to her husband. “So you’re a hero now? Are you going to save the day attacking the castle with you and the baker being the whole army. Or are you going to teach the farmers how to fight and win against King Harry’s knights. I don’t think so.”


“You got a better idea, me lady?” The blacksmith pretends to walk like a lady around his shop.


“Aye, I might have at that.” She turns and leaves.


Later, the queen’s handmaid visits and the blacksmith’s wife gives her a bag. “Do you remember my directions?”


“Aye, I remember.” The handmaid leaves for the castle to work in the laundry while the queen is in the tower.


The handmaid takes the bedding to the king’s quarter and makes the bed with the bag opened at the foot of the bed and rushes out of the room.


The next morning the town was alive with the news the King died in his sleep. A rescue party released the Queen from the tower. Everyone started organizing a big celebration.


The blacksmith says as he sits at the table, “Humph, I don’t get to kill the king now. And I had such good plans.”


His wife laughs. “I took away your thunder, dear. Maybe next time you can slay something.”


“What do you mean? You were here last night.”


“I collected the deadly Wolfbane spiders on my last plant collecting trip. And then I saved them until I could get someone in the castle to help me get the spiders in his bed. Your wife killed King Harry.”


The blacksmith hits the table with his fist and glares at his wife. “Are you saying you had those deadly spiders where I lie, woman?”


She smiled and replied, “Aye, I did.”


The blacksmith gave her a big hug. “I’m proud of you.”

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