Reflection Lake

A man drives his motorcycle up to a lake he heard about at the local gas station. He grabs the beer and sandwich he bought and walks out on the pier. Settling on the bench, he notices odd reflections on the water, but finishes his sandwich first throwing down the wrapper. He pulls out a cigarette and gazes at the water.

He sees dead people swirling in the water’s reflection, his own reflection ugly and vile. So he returns to the bench and finishes his cigarette, flicking the butt into the lake. Shuffling on the pier distracts him so he doesn’t see that the cigarette butt catches fire in the lake.

“Hello! Do you mind if I share the bench with you?” The elderly lady on the pier asks the motorcycle man.

“Nah. Do what you want.” He replies without looking at her.

She sits, puts her purse on her lap, and observes him drinking his beer. She sees the teardrop tattoo below his eye, but she knew what kind of man he is.

“I love to come here and see what the water reflects. Have you looked?” She asks him.

“Yeah. Why would you want to look at what the water reflects?” He shrugs and turns to look at her for the first time. The motorcycle man sees her jewelry and thinks about how he could get the jewelry and the purse.

He stands up and walks to the edge. “What do you see?”

She sets her purse on the bench, walks over beside him, and looks into the lake. “There are children and families, flowers in beautiful gardens, and lovers in embrace.”

He pushes her in while grabbing her necklace and laughs. There are no signs of her, not even bubbles. “Must’ve hit your head. Too bad, old lady.”

He pockets the necklace, grabs the purse to open it but finds it empty. “Dammit!”

Meanwhile, the woman swims under the pier, drapes her dress over a beam and continues to the shoreline, splashing to get the motorcycle man’s attention.

“The water has restorative properties. You should try it.” She heads to her car and opens the trunk to retrieve a towel.

The old woman is young and beautiful in a striking bikini.

He jumps into the water, hoping he would become as she became. The water swirls around him and he catches fire. He screams and tries to climb back on the pier. But the lake quiets him and he no more.

“It’s done. You were right about this one. Let me know when another bad seed passes through town,” says the women on her cellphone.

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