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Website Move Success

I moved my website http://annetteswafford.com/ successfully. It was the second website move I completed this week but certainly more complicated since I changed URL/domain name to https://www.livinglifeinthetrees.com/ at the same time. I chose to move to another web hosting company when my hosting company was bought out and service went downhill. The new company didn’t even allow email forwarding and that was a number one priority for a client. Their help staff had terrible attitudes so they made it so easy to decide to move. So here I am on A2 Hosting. I am being nice by not naming the old hosting company.

The move wasn’t completely smooth as I had to fix broken links. But I think I fixed everything. If you find something wrong, comment below. I expected to have some problems with the website move. I found the WordPress documentation to be a lifesaver.

I still have another website to move this week. I haven’t decided whether to make it a subdomain of the website or keep it a separate website. I have to investigate the SEO pros and cons of each option.

Once that is done, I can get back to blogging and writing stories. Especially, if I get to retire this year! Oh, yeah! I might just hit the road!

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