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Spend Less Time Cleaning by Decluttering

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The next time you clean, grab a box along with your cleaning supplies. You are going to see the benefits of decluttering the next time you clean. Would you rather clean house or go do something you want to do? I’d rather go ride bike or go to the races. Cleaning is dead last on my list of things to do. I like a clean house but I want to spend as little time as possible to keep it that way.

Declutter First

First, you will streamline future cleaning by decluttering anything you are tired of moving and dusting. I remember moving in with my partner and clearing out all the clutter (antiques) that was covering a beautiful antique kitchen stove. You couldn’t see the stove for all the stuff.

If you are honest about your feelings, many things will go into your box. Check your feelings with every horizontal surface. You might just need another box. It is definitely easier to get rid of things when you are faced with a negative emotion while cleaning because just who likes cleaning? Do you like it enough to move it, dust it and put it back. Where do you want to spend your time?


After you remove the items, step back and see the space. What is left looks better. You will have more white space, negative space that accentuates the decor you have. Move things around to make it pleasing. I sometimes move things from room to room because I removed so much. The eye likes odd numbers so remember that when you are reorganizing.


Get Rid of It Quick

Next, you get rid of the box if you have others in the household that don’t share your decluttering motive. I’m not talking about tossing personal items, just decor stuff that you don’t enjoy cleaning all the time. My partner has a real hard time parting with stuff.

  • “Don’t you want to put it somewhere else?”
  • “We might need that later.”
  • “Are you sure you want to get rid of it?”
  • “What’s wrong with it?”

Sometimes the best time for me to clean/purge is while he is out mowing. Regardless, he either likes the results or he doesn’t notice. And if he balks, I remind him that we want to be able to downsize our house one day. We either do it gradually now or all at once (stressful!).

Post Your Results

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1 Comment on “Spend Less Time Cleaning by Decluttering”

  • I remember having to dust my mother’s house as my Sunday chore. It was so boring as she had so many antiques and knickknacks it took forever to dust. I decluttered some years ago and you are spot on, cleaning takes much less time.

    The only time my living room is cluttered is Christmas time when I decorate just that room with every ornament/card we have that hasn’t broken. I don’t buy more each year but I definitely have enough!