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I live in Washington completely surrounded by trees so I can watch wildlife and enjoy the peace and quiet. I have big windows in my home with views of woods all around. There is moss covered paths that lead to a pond that is home to fish, salamanders, frogs, and ducks. Occasionally, a coyote or deer will visit. I can hear the birds at the bird feeders and in their nests. Our resident chipmunks will drop their chewed up cones from high up in the douglas firs. They like to bury hazelnuts they harvest from our hazelnut trees in my garden. Rabbits come to nibble on the greenery. I have to check my crocs on the back steps before sliding them on so I don’t squish a frog. Of course, I do have to protect my garden from the monsterously big NW slugs.

This spring, I have many Quaking Aspens, Cedars, and Birches to plant around the pond to provide more diversity of trees. I have several brush piles I have left for wildlife. I try to maintain my home not just for myself but for the wildlife in the area too.

I love my place in the trees.

I am purging my home and simplifying so the peace and quiet in my home matches the outdoors. I enjoy quilting and knitting and don’t get me started about genealogy. I write short stories and want to write more.

Can I have a little privacy, please?
Can I have a little privacy, please?

I am a US Army veteran who is itching to hit the road and have some great adventures.

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