Simple Living with Simple Eating

Is It Time For Simple Eating In your simple living journey, I hope you take time to look at simple eating. I didn’t enjoy cooking until I learned to simplify my meals. Disclaimer: I’m doing keto but I make meals for my non-keto partner. Hopefully, I can convince you of the benefits of skipping processed […]

How to Design Your Own Simple Living Journey

Where Are You Now? Would a simple living journey help you? Are you stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted by everyday life? Are you getting through the day with nothing left? Wondering why your life is like this? I have been there. The first time, I did nothing about it and nothing got better; it got worse. […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Finances

October is Financial Planning Month Do you find financial planning scary? Forty-seven percent of Americans do. And 82 percent wish they were in better control of their money. I have 5 ways you can improve your finances that you can do yourself without a financial planner. So let’s go through them. Get Out of Credit […]

How to Deal with Paper Clutter Once and For All

Paper Clutter Queen I’m not an organized person with paper. I add it to a pile to file later. Then another paper is added to the pile and this goes on until I need another pile. When I moved from Texas to Washington, I moved several bankers boxes of paper piles and children’s school papers. […]

Get Out of Debt Snowball Style

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Jump off the debt train and get out of debt Society sold us a bill of goods that is just plain wrong. The American Dream is based on being up to our eyeballs in debt. This keeps us trapped in jobs we don’t like and not pursuing what we want […]

Spend Less Time Cleaning by Decluttering

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The next time you clean, grab a box along with your cleaning supplies. You are going to see the benefits of decluttering the next time you clean. Would you rather clean house or go do something you want to do? I’d rather go ride bike or go to the races. […]

Remineralizing and Whitening Toothpaste

[affiliate_disclosure] Follow my blog with Bloglovin I don’t use traditional toothpaste with fluoride and preservatives. When I used traditional toothpaste, my dentist was getting rich on my dental bills. Since I started making my own remineralizing and whitening toothpaste, my teeth are healthier. The whitening part is new now that I added activated charcoal to […]

Too Much Stuff in Our Lives

Why Oh Why? Why do we acquire too much stuff? The more space you have, the more you will cram it with stuff. If you aren’t familiar George Carlin’s act on stuff, you should. It is spot on. Watch it on YouTube (censored version). It is so easy with all the marketing around us. We make an […]