Reflection Lake

A man drives his motorcycle up to a lake he heard about at the local gas station. He grabs the beer and sandwich he bought and walks out on the pier. Settling on the bench, he notices odd reflections on the water, but finishes his sandwich first throwing down the wrapper. He pulls out a …

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Cat and Mouse

I park behind the biology building, my home away from home. The dorm closed for Christmas break catching me unaware I would be homeless for three weeks. Was that in the fine print? The biology building is where I got a work-study job that never goes to freshmen. Hard to believe, I got it. The …

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The King Slayer

“We could storm the castle. I can make swords for everyone”, booms the blacksmith while hammering iron on his forge.   “I don’t know how to use a sword and neither do most of us in town”, yells the baker as loud as he can over the noise of the blacksmith’s hammer hitting iron.   The blacksmith’s wife comes …

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frog king

Frog Up High

This story was posted earlier but when my website was hacked, the story disappeared. There was once a frog who lived in the five acre woods by a beautiful pond with many other frogs. He was not content with his life with the other frogs wallowing in the mud and staying hidden in the tall …

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