Too Much Stuff in Our Lives

Why Oh Why? Why do we acquire too much stuff? The more space you have, the more you will cram it with stuff. If you aren’t familiar George Carlin’s act on stuff, you should. It is spot on. Watch it on YouTube (censored version). It is so easy with all the marketing around us. We make an […]

Simple Living Starts Here

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is the reboot of my blog now I have time to breathe and reflect on life. I have been working to get to this point for several years. Now I want to live a simple life. Just simple living. Simple living is removing all the layers that our lives […]

Website Move Success

I moved my website successfully. It was the second website move I completed this week but certainly more complicated since I changed URL/domain name to at the same time. I chose to move to another web hosting company when my hosting company was bought out and service went downhill. The new company didn’t […]

The King Slayer

“We could storm the castle. I can make swords for everyone”, booms the blacksmith while hammering iron on his forge.   “I don’t know how to use a sword and neither do most of us in town”, yells the baker as loud as he can over the noise of the blacksmith’s hammer hitting iron.   The blacksmith’s wife comes […]

NaNoWriMo Killed My Muse

I committed to doing NaNoWriMo this year and started off well. But my work schedule and limited energy due to my illness (Fibromyalgia) have stressed me out of writing. Everyday, I have been verbally harassing myself for not writing enough so the flow of words have literally left. My muse has had enough and she […]