flash fiction


Cat and Mouse

I park behind the biology building, my home away from home. The dorm closed for Christmas break catching me unaware I would be homeless for three weeks. Was that in the fine print? The biology building is where I got a work-study job that never goes to freshmen. Hard to believe, I got it. The …

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The King Slayer

“We could storm the castle. I can make swords for everyone”, booms the blacksmith while hammering iron on his forge.   “I don’t know how to use a sword and neither do most of us in town”, yells the baker as loud as he can over the noise of the blacksmith’s hammer hitting iron.   The blacksmith’s wife comes …

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frog king

Frog Up High

This story was posted earlier but when my website was hacked, the story disappeared. There was once a frog who lived in the five acre woods by a beautiful pond with many other frogs. He was not content with his life with the other frogs wallowing in the mud and staying hidden in the tall …

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