The King Slayer

“We could storm the castle. I can make swords for everyone”, booms the blacksmith while hammering iron on his forge.   “I don’t know how to use a sword and neither do most of us in town”, yells the baker as loud as he can over the noise of the blacksmith’s hammer hitting iron.   The blacksmith’s wife comes […]

My First Rejection

My First Rejection I received my first rejection today from CricketMedia for my submission for LadyBug. The only comment was it didn’t fit. Kinda like a shoe, I guess. So I created a new label in Gmail called rejections and promptly labeled the rejection and archived it. Another writer told me he framed his first […]

My First Published Short Story

I’m Published I entered a short story in a contest sponsored by wordhaus last month and although it didn’t win, it is published on their website. You can find it here: Fire Writing stories under 500 words requires you to keep your writing tight. You have to get rid of anything that does add to the […]